A fresh season

The Holy Spirit has brought us to a chairos moment, a fresh season of spirit empowered mission.

Imagine Elim's future together making disciples, planting and growing churches, developing leaders and reaching nations.

Join us on a 3-year adventure of mission to bring transformation to communities and nations. One movement, one mission.

Equipping the vision

This autumn we will hold a series of one day conferences around the nation for Elim ministers and leaders. Each event runs from 10am-4pm, with refreshments and a light lunch.

TUE 19 SEP - Elim Christian Centre, Motherwell

THU 19 OCT - City Gates Church, Ilford

FRI 10 NOV - City Church, Cardiff

FRI 17 NOV - Bridge Community Church, Leeds

WED 13 DEC - Hope Church, Hillsborough

IMAGINE - Latest News

This is the annual review of the Elim Pentecostal Church which represents a national network of more than 550 Pentecostal churches across the country and over 4,300 overseas.
We image the future of Elim and develop the Imagine conversation, we asked some of our leaders these 5 key questions.
A selection of recommending reading to inspire your leadership journey as we shape Elim's future.
As Elim moves into its secound century, what does the future hold? Times are changing, but opportunities are great. We can only imagine what God is going to do in 2017.
As we move into the start of 2017, the leadership of Elim are calling each of us to imagine and pray into the future of Elim.
Speaking at the Elim Leaders Summit, Chris Cartwright, Elim's General Superintendent, inspires you to imagine the future of Elim.
IMAGINE the future of Elim - watch and share this short video.

Imagine Elim's Future

The process we plan to take to discuss and discover God's will and direction for the years ahead.



Open, wide and honest conversation



Narrow the focus of the conversation



Creating a new shared vision for Elim



Realigning ourselves in our mission

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